She was raped She was a person turned object Object turned case Case turned open and shut She was in the wrong Place at the wrong time, She wore this and said that SHE KILLED HERSELF …     Advertisements

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We laughed, We talked, We played, You heard, I said, You believed, it broke me, You left, i cried I prayed, that you would come back But you never did….. YOU LEFT –AmMaE®      

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With tears in her eyes, A troubled mind A hole in her heart She was all alone!!! Her heart skipping at every Sound waiting for the day you’d realise shes’s been there all along How she longed for your touch, oh! how she could perceive your every scent, She waited patiently for the day her […]

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Oh food!!!!

Like the stars were made to light the sky, Like the sun was made to shine, The moon was made for night, So you complete me.. Oh food! You’re perfect for me. –AmMaE®

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I’M sorry if i wanna talk to you often I’M sorry if i reply your message a little longer than expected and you get sad I’M sorry if i say things that might piss you off I’M sorry if i come off as annoying  But that’s why you LOVE me  I’M sorry if i think […]

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WHO AM I ???

I DUNNO KNOW WHO I AM You drained me of my identity injected self doubt into my veins Left me questioning my own sanity Walking around aimlessly At war with my body every day. Trying to scrub your heavy words off my skin My mental state has been shaken to it’s core I dunno who […]

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