Hey guys… It feels so good to be back!!! I’ve been offline because of school and some other things. Can you believe it’s November already? How surprising!
This is me wishing y’all a happy New month and I pray it’ll be a November to remember.
October was awesome in it’s own way, came with a lot of things-good things to be precise!

So guys i was nominated for the sunshine blogger award and I’ll be answering the questions i was asked in today’s post. The sunshine award is an award for bloggers by bloggers. It’s a way of encouraging and recognizing bloggers who we think are inspiring and creative.. There are rules though.. So yaay guys i was nominated!!!

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the blogger that nominated you and drop the link to their blog
2. Answer the questions from the blogger that nominated you
3. Nominate 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions (well since i don’t know up to 11 bloggers I’ll make mine open to all)
4. Post a sunshine award blogger picture on your blog.

I’ll like to thank Deola of portableisthenewhot. Her blog is an inspirational and lifestyle blog.

Let’s do this!


1) What is the thing you’ve done this year that has helped your blogging career?
Well, I’ve learnt to read a lot of books, read more blogs, tried to be consistent(although I’m still trying)

2) Apart from blogging what else do you do?
I’m a student, so that explains a lot and yes freelance writing

3) Who/What inspires your creativity?
A lot of things and bloggers inspire me. Most especially bloggers who combine school work and all of that and those who are married too. I can’t mention them, it’s an endless list trust me.

4) How have you been able to face some of the challenges you’ve faced this year?
Prayer.. Prayer is the master key fan and also having good friends too

5) What’s that food you can never get tired of eating?
There are a lot of them but I’ll just stop at bread and tea

6) What’s your best blogging tool(s)

Quote creator

7) Your best social media?
Instagram.. Would have said twitter but I’m still learning to promote my blog there so till I’m done learning I’ll stick to Instagram

8) Your “go-to” inspirational quote?
“stay true to yourself’

9) What kind of post do you always look forward to on this blog?
Your inspirational posts… You don’t know how much it inspires me..

10) Five things you can’t do without in a day?
a) Food… Food is life please.
b) Books…
c) My Phone… I really can’t do without this.
d) Sleep…. Sleep is lifeeee!!!
e) Music….

11) What fear keeps you up at night?
No fear actually.. Instead i sleep more when I’m scared..  Lol

Hope you enjoyed my answers

Here are my questions.
1) What inspires your blog posts?
2) Any mentor(s)
3) What are your long and short term goals?
4) Your greatest fear?
5) What would you trade for your blog? And why?
6) what’s your worst habit?
7) what’s the worst advice you have ever gotten?
8) if you had an opportunity to interview anyone on your blog, who would it be?
9) Has any post on ammaeblog inspired you?
10) What would you change about yourself?
11) what other thing(s) do you do apart from blogging?

I nominate,
Simi of musingsbydassah

Sunmi of mysunevents

Murewa of murrayowen

Praise of    charcoalprincess

Mercy of   thatgiftedgirl

Have a blessed November!




2 thoughts on “NOVEMBER

  1. You foody 😂
    Nice tho


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