Hey lovelies!! I’m so happy to announce to you that it’s December already!!!! Of course y’all already know that.. Happy new month IMG-20171201-WA0002people may all your expectations not be cut short Amen!!
So today’s post is about what’s been going on in my life lately and it was inspired by Deola of portable is the new hot.


It’s a common trend with bloggers, getting personal with you guys and all of that.
Let’s get right to it!


It goes;
I am…..
Taking: one step at a time, hoping that everything will fall into place in due time. It’s like a bird learning to fly no need to rush..
Learning: to stay calm when I’m pissed. I do a lot of stupid things I end up regretting.
Thinking of: God’s mercies, faithfulness even in my unfaithfulness and his unending love.
Regretting: the level of closeness I had with some people. Some people come into your life as a blessing while others as a lesson.
Currently listening to: Adele–send my love to your new lover. The lady can sing Sha
Wearing: a black dress, wrapped in my blanket. The cold is too much here.
Hoping: I’ll write more posts this month, I’ve been laid back this past weeks.
Evaluating: some relationships in my life. The most important is the one with God and I’m really praying for grace to improve.
Praying: that December will be filled with so many good things and I’ll achieve my goals. There are a lot of things untouched.
Excited: about the weekend, nothing really special planned out just excited
Crying: over my broken glasses. I’m almost useless without it. If you guys had seen me yesterday ehn you’ll pity me!

This is me lately guys

Over to you….
What are you currently thinking about? We’ll love to know in the comment section…..



9 thoughts on “DECEMBER || LIFE LATELY

  1. Thinking about how I’ll learn to draw brows


    1. Lol awwww my darling
      God is your muscle


  2. Well am currently on my bed half – naked…
    REGRETTING why you will just allow your neurons to be stimulated and love up one bitch that is not even giving you sign that anything can work out
    HOPING to just leave my school and be free from hypocrates ….I can’t just deal..
    LISTENING to pia mia off my feet ,the voice is just relieving me from some annoying worries…
    CRYING that I will be not be able to participate in all the games of NPUGA because of a compulsory wedding…
    EXCITED that I watched kingsman part 2 and will also download american assassin …
    SHOCKED that there are girls that can beef for Africa in my school….I nicknamed their hostel CORN BEEF..
    LEANING to God to deliver me from every evil that has decided I will not see the end of this year…Amen…
    PEACE OUT…….


    1. Wow! Well the best thing is to turn all your burdens to prayers. I mean we can’t control our feelings right? I really wish I could watch kingsman 2 been looking for it everywhere. I’m glad this post really helped you dear, cheers!


  3. Thinking of that special rice 🍚 on the 25th of December.


    1. Lol my dear everyone is thinking of it too o


  4. Omo,me I’m thinking of how I get jobs and contracts, you understand na. I need money. What’s Christmas without money? *winks*


    1. Isn’t that what everyone wants? My dear Christmas is nothing without money o


      1. My dear, ah tell you. That is what it is o. Thanks b


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