IMG-20180102-WA0002Finally 2018!! I feel like it came really fast with a big bang! But does it really matter? What’s important is that it’s time to learn from your mistakes, don’t let this opportunity pass you by, build yourself up, work on setting and achieving goals in 2018. It’s one thing to set and another to achieve.
This year is for you, work hard,play, enjoy yourself, attain new heights!IMG-20180102-WA0001

I’m pretty sure our new year resolution is uppermost in our minds now being the second day of the year. If there’s something I’m sure of is that any resolution I make now will be long forgotten by February lol. That’s why this year I decided to try something different. Instead of the usual “I don’t wanna do this”, “I don’t wanna do that”, I’m picking up new habits this year.
1. Live consciously: removing any wishy-washy statement like “maybe”, “I’m not sure”, “I dunno”…. Make tough decisions with no regrets.
2. Take no sh*t: if there’s something 2017 taught me is that there are times you need be quiet and let things go and there are times you need to speak out. I don’t want people thinking they can take advantage of me so that’s why I’ll be standing up for myself more
3. Pray more: trust me this really helps one go a long way. With God involved in everything no need to worry.
4. Personal branding: it’s time to get out there let the world know who I am. This year is for me so I’m gonna use it wisely by the grace of God.
5. Single-tasking: focusing on one thing at a time. A lot is expected but taking things one step at a time will help achieve more.

What habits do you wanna try this year? Let us know in the comment section…


12 thoughts on “NEW YEAR X NEW HEIGHTS

  1. Hehehehehehe, my own is zero chills,taking no damn shit from nobody. People think because you’re quiet or you don’t respond to their headache, can keep trying your patience, for Christ sakes I’m human. So this year we’re taking no shii… Happy new year girl!!!!
    Nice piece👏👏👏


    1. My dear that’s the spirit o.. happy new year to you too my darling I’m happy you loved it!


  2. Ayeee 💃
    Nice one b!
    I’m taking no shit from anyone this year
    Ain’t nobody gat time for time for that 😊


  3. I’ll work on being better in every way and not wasting time. It’s too precious


    1. Edina: I’m happy you loved it… becoming better is the basic thing. Thanks for stopping by dear!


  4. I’ve picked a thing or two from this
    Thank you! 🖤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. won on the line January 2, 2018 — 8:31 am

    made 100% sense


    1. Danny Won: I’m glad you loved it!


  6. Nice one. No taking shit year.


    1. Davis: yesso no taking shit year thanks for stopping by!


  7. Well my own is just basically hoping for what am planning this year should go well and to have fun.

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