So I realized that combining school work and other things is almost impossible especially when your lecturers won’t give you breathing space, anyways that’s by the way.
Something big is coming our way guys that’s one of the reasons I’ve been quiet, let’s wait for it. Without further ado, let’s get right to the business of today. Sit back, relax and enjoy!


1. Determination: I so much love the way the Cambridge dictionary defined it “the ability to continue trying to do something, even though it’s difficult”. It was once said that the only way to not get published is by giving up. To be that successful entrepreneur or whatever it is we do, we must be determined. We all have obstacles in our lives but determination helps us get through them. Persistence, perseverance, they all mean the same thing.


2. Direction: I think this would have been the first point. Being successful in life starts with decision. We make decisions all the time from trivial to life changing issues. The kind(s) of decisions we make can make or mar your future. Decisions are important but we can change them. We can make new decisions to form new habits, we can make our priorities right, know what you want to do and start doing it now!

3. Discipline: I don’t think this should be hard for those in the military. Discipline can keep you from overspending, procrastinating. Discipline can also mean self control and self control helps you refrain from giving into your impulses and help you make better decisions.
What other D’s do you think we need to make us successful?


4 thoughts on “3 D’s OF LIFE

  1. I like😘👑

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  2. Devotion and Dedication to those goals you desire to achieve 🙂

    Beautiful writeup, darling ❤


  3. Discipline is another basic thing. This technique goes a long. Discipline bears patience,curbs bad habits.

    Nice one b🌼💓


    1. You are right thanks for contributing


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