The journey so far + giveaway

I know, I know a post on a Sunday *rolls eyes* well today is special because we’re one year today guys!!!! I can’t believe it, it feels so surreal and oh it’s my birthday today💃 🎉🎊

Just to say thank you to my amazing audience/readers there’ll be a little token. Hidden in each paragraphs are different airtime networks, Glo users exclusive. You’ll have to read in between the lines to get them and I won’t be telling you guys which is which(it’s yours to figure out)

Wow!! June 10th 2017 was¹ when this0 blog officially0 started, God!6 It feels5 like yesterday.² I’m just really5 grateful² to God for⁴ everything. I6 remember when I’d² really put my9 mind to writing8 a post and at⁴ the end of the day8 I’d be getting 5 views but now it’s a different⁴ story.

It hasn’t² been easy, I’ve5 really learnt² a lot of things² this past year, so³ many obstacles8 on the way8 but God7 has really9 been faithful5 to me6 and for9 giving me8 the best9 friends0 and family0❤

Waking up to this almost made me cry but I told myself “Precious don’t cry you’re a big girl” lol but truth be told I failed completely.

I don’t¹ want to9 get all emotional5 here and³ I wouldn’t² want to5 make this6 post very8 long as⁴ it’s just8 an5 appre⁴ciation⁴ post8.

Thank6 you all8 for being with me even in my inconsistency y’all waited patiently. I love you all so much!!!

Cheers to another amazing year together and more posts! Thanks for flying with me lol.

Whoever wins the airtime should indicate in the comment section



4 thoughts on “The journey so far + giveaway

  1. Thanks ammae!!!! I got the Airtel airtime. keep up the good work, looking forward to a wonderful year ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m happy you did Hun
      Thank you so much❤


  2. Happy birthday Precious, guess who got the MTN card😉….LLNP. Congrats on your one year Blogivesary😊.Greater heights fam.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww I’m so happy you were able to win.
      Thank you so much dear this made my night❤


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