Ammae diaries|Get to know me — Too much information tag

Hey lovelies!! Welcome back to my blog. So I decided to do this fun and too much information tag on here, I wanted to answer all the questions I think you guys have concerning me in this blog post.

Let’s begin, shall we?

What are you wearing?

A free black dress with a low neckline

Ever been in love?

I am in love now.

Ever had a terrible breakup?

I guess so.

How tall are you?

I’m pretty tall or so I think

How much do you weigh?

Well for now I don’t know besides you’re not supposed to ask a lady that remember?

Any tattoos?


Any piercings?

If a second ear piercing counts then yes.

Favorite shows?

None. Those who know me know I’m not really a TV person.

Favorite band?

None yet.

Something you miss?


Favorite song

This is very hard. My friends said issues by Julia Michaels so I guess I’ll go with that.

How old are you?

I’ll rather not disclose here for insecurity reasons.

Zodiac sign

Gemini baby *WINKS*

Quality you look for in a partner

God-fearing of course, maturity(mentally, emotionally, financially), purpose driven, understanding, humble, patient, understand how to handle me(cause I’m a handful), of course handsome. Let me stop here biko before you guys give me clay to mould my partner.

Favorite quote?

Favorite actor?

This is another hard choice but I’ll go with Emilia Clarke.

Favorite color

Red(every shade of it)

Loud music or soft?

Both. Depending on my mental state.

Where do you go when you’re sad?

My mind.

How long does it take you to shower?

10-20 minutes, I’m not looking for a new skin.

Ever been in a physical fight?

Yes. Don’t judge me, I was really small then(primary school). I basically fought everyone that tried to bully me coz of my small stature.

Turn on

Self confidence, respect for people and their emotions.

Turn off

Pride, careless talks.

Reason you started blogging

I felt my voice needed to be heard plus this blog was a birthday gift so I couldn’t say no.


Failure, regrets

Last thing that made you cry

The death of a close friend’s dad.

Last time you said you loved someone

Today! To Eye Candy!

Meaning behind your YouTube/Blogging name

It’s actually my name and surname joined together. Chiamaka+ Emmanuel=Ammaeblog.

Last book you read

The price possession by stanlight on wattpad.

The book you’re currently reading?

Not started any yet.

Last show you watched

King of hearts.

Last person you talked to

My friend turned family.

Relationship between you and the last person you texted

Love affair.

Favorite food

Beans and bread is something I can’t love any less.

Place you want to visit


Last place you were

The sitting room.

Do you have a crush

Not trying to be vain but I have a crush on me.

Last time you kissed someone

Well if that’s counted as a kiss then last year.

What instruments do you play?


Favorite piece of jewelry

Ring. if that counts as a jewelry though.

Last sport you played?


Last song you sang?

Confident— Yadar

Favorite chat up line?

“How are you?”, “Have you eaten?”

Have you ever used it?

Yeah sure.

Last time you hung out with anyone

Two weeks ago.

Who should answer these questions next?

Anyone interested! So yeah it’s an open tag, link back to this post if you decide to post, I’ll love to read about you.

What do we have in common? What are you surprised to know about me? Let me know in the comment section.



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